Conference Information

Presentation Formats

As is normal with EFYE, we will offer pre-conference workshops prior to the official start of the conference.

There are three formats for the conference sessions.

Paper sessions will typically be 30 minutes long and grouped. We encourage papers to include research, evaluation, policy or practice. Colleagues are expected to give 5-10 minutes of the time to discussion or question and answer. Papers should be clearly evidence based and any research presented should already have results that can be reported.  

What are its goals?

  • To effectively present topics which are relevant to the conference themes.
  • To introduce participants to research into and about the first year experience.
  • To provide some time for discussion and/or questions.


Show and tell: This type of session has been used successfully at previous EFYE conferences. They are popular with delegates as they provide the opportunity to hear about a range of initiatives and to ask specific questions of presenters.

Presenters are normally grouped into 4 in a 60 minute slot. Each presenter has 5 minutes and a maximum of 2 slides to introduce their initiative/project. They will also be provided with a display area in the room, where they can have a poster, hand-outs or other material. They could for example bring a laptop to show a short film, a poster summarising their initiative and/or examples of hand-outs that they use etc. 

After all presenters have each had their 5 minutes presentation time, session participants can then wander round the displays and talk further with presenters about their work (for up to 20 minutes). The final 10 minutes of the session will be a short facilitated discussion about all the presentations, identifying, where possible, any common themes.

Session structure:

  • 20 minutes (4 presenters x 5 minute presentations)
  • 20 minutes to look round displays
  • 10 minutes whole group discussion

Sessions will be facilitated by an experienced facilitator to ensure time keeping.

The length of time available means participants can talk individually with presenters, and can review several interesting projects. The advantage for presenters is that more people will be able to find out about their work and they can use a variety of display materials.


Posters will be on display for at least one hour during a special poster session. The session will be informal and the organisation will facilitate and stimulate the participants to go round to see the posters. We are working on a colour coding to help guide participants and on a digital 'poster in my pocket' system to pass on all your information as smooth as possible.

What are its goals?

  • To visually present topics which are relevant to the conference themes.
  • To visually present research into and about the first year experience.
  • To provide one-on-one time for discussion and/or questions.
  • To present and offer information to go.