Our Theme


The European First Year Experience will be held at Birmingham City University from 28-30June 2017.  It will focus upon two exciting and important main themes:

  • Student and staff partnerships that enhance the first year student experience
  • Learning Gain

Student and Staff Partnerships

Our key focus sees the conference highlight the beneficial impact of Student and Staff Partnerships on the first year experience. We believe that the staff-student conversation is one of the best avenues for change and throughout the conference would want to create a vibrant climate in which staff and students engage in discussions about the future of the first year experience.  This will build upon the reputation the host university has for its student engagement approach which sees students as partners in co-creating the learning experience. Therefore, we would anticipate sessions that showcase how first year practice has been influenced by or even co-created through engagement with the student voice.    

Learning Gain

Through Learning Gain we seek to focus upon the ‘distance travelled’ by students, educationally and professionally as they transition from school or college into university and through that first year experience.  We would want participants to engage with initiatives that demonstrate how measurement and evaluative methods can be used to demonstrate the impact of first year experience activities. Activities and experiences that evidence the impact of first year interventions will be warmly welcomed.