Activating Student-Staff Collaboration to promote a Brighter Future

Activating Student-Staff Collaboration to promote a Brighter Future

For EFYE 2017 we are planning to dedicate an afternoon which will be facilitated by students attending the conference. This ‘student led’ afternoon will embrace the conference themes, particularly student-staff partnership as staff and students will work together on a series of tasks. Whilst working on these tasks, delegates will be asked to consider how their proposed solutions would work with a diverse community of students. Specific case studies of students will be put forward to help foster discussion around diversity. Below is the current structure for the afternoon.

13:40 – 14:10: Jo Goodman Keynote

14:10 – 14:20: Delegates move to their groups

14:20 – 14:30: Student facilitators to introduce the task/challenge

14:30 – 15:30: Team Challenge

15:30 – 15:45: Refreshment break

15:45 – 16:30: Plenary

We envisage that there will be approximately eleven groups, with two students acting as the facilitators of each group. Within each group there will be up to twenty delegates who will receive a brief of the task alongside some useful prompts and questions. Delegates will be contacted prior to attending the session and will be asked which session they would like to attend. The two students in each group will be asked to facilitate discussion and promote the notion of student diversity by presenting their own background into Higher Education (HE) and how such a solution or idea could work with them. As organisers we will contact students who have registered and ask if they interested in being involved in this concept. Once we have a response we will allocate students to act as facilitators.

The tasks and questions set out for each group have been designed to promote new and existing ideas regarding a wide range of topics around first year experience and student engagement. This activity aims to encourage delegates to think of solutions based on their own experience which also acknowledges the diversity of students. Below is a template of potential tasks and questions. Each group will be given one of these to complete.

  • You will have a student led module in your programme, how would you co-construct this? Morsal Saba – C221
  • Construct an approach that aims to develop first year student expectations using a pre induction initiative. Louise Jackson – C237
  • Develop an initiative to encourage student-staff partnership prior to enrolment. Jack Hogan – C256
  • How, in partnership, can you modernise perceptions of student representative bodies? Jordan Kirkwood – C260
  • Design an approach to assessment design and delivery that embeds staff-student partnership. Natalie Chan – C271
  • Produce an initiative that provides first year students with research opportunities. Sarah Lawther – C272
  • Create an approach which allows students to measure their own learning gain. Abu Hussain and Ade Barek – C457
  • Create a module where students play a key role in curriculum design. Lisa & Joan Gordon – C101
  • How can we break down silos and allow both staff and students to have a sense of belonging to their institution and not just their discipline? Roymond Olsen & Vidar Kvilaugsvik – C112
  • How would you use staff-student partnership to optimise the development and use of learning resources? Koen and Lenno – C319
  • How could staff-student partnership enhance the technological skills of the university population? Alex Gittings – C404

Delegates will be brought back into a plenary session where the students from each group can provide feedback on the session and their experience. Jo Goodman will chair this plenary and their will be a discussion regarding the outputs of each session and how we can use these going forward. We hope to present these outputs and our overall experience at the following EFYE conference.